A ViTAL Resource in Challenging Times 

This isn’t the time for your Vision Therapy practice to shrink.

It’s time to shift and grow.  Serve more patients with more convenience. 

Introducing proven Virtual Vision Therapy, made simple. 


Welcome to the Vision Therapy Activities Library!

While many industries scramble to adapt to virtual service, we’ve spent years perfecting a virtual solution for vision therapy.

Now you can access our entire suite of proven resources to keep your practice running smoothly, no matter what’s happening in the world.

Using the Vision Therapy Activities Library, our practice never shut down during the lockdown and COVID-19 adjustments.  In fact, we’ve been growing.

We’ve Thought of Everything.

Give your patients the quality of care they expect from you – without sacrificing safety or convenience.

The Vision Therapy Activities Library (VTAL) enables comprehensive remote sessions. The up-front work has already been done for you – and these activities have been proven over years of practice.

A Lifeline for Patient and Practitioners

Here are just a few of the benefits from the VTAL:


  • Recreate the full in-office experience virtually
  • Serve your existing patient load without interruption
  • Increase your patient reach by offering your services without geographic limitation
  • Leverage the option to give paid access to the VTAL for patients who want additional practice
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of regular therapy appointments (transportation, lack of child care, time off work, unexpected scheduling conflicts)
  • Show your patients that you care about their health and safety and will meet them where they are
  • Provide your services from wherever you are, without the need for traditional space and equipment

Premium Activities for an Approachable Price

The VTAL contains more than 70 activities in an easy-to-use library organized by category.

Save time when planning remote sessions by simply choosing the activity or activities that are best suited to your patient’s needs.

Videos and Printouts

The VTAL includes videos with comprehensive demonstrations of every activity, plus printable activity direction sheets that include:


  • Step-by-step instructions for each activity

  • Goal and purpose for each activity

  • Simplified options and challenge options so each activity can be scaled according to the patient’s needs

  • Observations for the parent or helper

What if this is the time when your practice grows instead of shrinks?

What if you serve more patients with higher-quality support than ever before?

And what if it’s all easier instead of more challenging?

Learn More Now

Remote VT Session Sample

Here we have recorded an abbreviated vision therapy session to illustrate how we conduct a remote vision therapy session using the Zoom software.

Vision Therapy Activities Library Preview

Here you can preview our Vision Therapy Activities Library portal to see all of the elements included (videos, instruction sheets, printable VT materials, etc.)

Sample Activity

To get an understanding of the quality and detail included in the videos and instructions – take a look at this sample activity for the VTAL.  You can download the PDF instruction sheet below the video.

Complete List of VT Activities

This is a list of the activities you can find in the library.  Some of the activity names in the library are slightly different than common names – click on this chart for the equivalents.

Get Started Today!

Who is the Vision Therapy Activities Library intended for?


  • This library is for optometrists (OD, FCOVD) with active vision therapy patients only.

  • If you are an educator for a college of optometry or other professional optometric organization interested in utilizing this library, please contact us at mvtc@minnesotavisiontherapy.com.

  • This library is not for students, residents, or optometrists without active vision therapy patients.


  • We reserve the right to discontinue the subscription should it be deemed that the above qualifications are not met. This membership site is subject to regular auditing.

Practice + Patient Access

  • One login to be used for anyone in the practice
  • 1-10 logins for patient use (if more than 10 licenses are needed, contact us for pricing)
  • Access to a library of 70+ activities
  • Videos with comprehensive demonstrations
  • Step-by-step instructions including goal/purpose for the activity
  • Simplified options and challenge options so activities can be scaled according to the patient’s needs
  • Observations for the parent/helper